Friday, May 19, 2006

The Park Central Squares- Take My Overwhelming Love (And Cram It Up Your Heart)

Consider the MP3 crammed.

Whatever happened to fun? Outside of hip hop and TRL-style gloss, fun seems to have evaporated from most popular music. Springfield, MO, has produced plenty of good-time music over the last twenty-five years. The Park Central Squares, featuring Morells and Skeletons guitarist Donny Thompson, contined that tradition with this self-titled regional release in 1997. It's big dumb fun of the highest order.


Cx. said...


I am looking for a copy of this song... care to share it with me?

Eternal gratitude would be yours for the taking.

Really! It would.


Happy In Bag said...

It can all be yours for a measly 75 cents: