Thursday, May 18, 2006

Harmonica Frank Floyd- Swamp Root

The madness has ended.

Looking for the ultimate in wacked-out backwoods music? Harmonica Frank Floyd is your man. This profane song sounds like Mississippi John Hurt's worst nightmare. There's no telling how much of this rant is spontaneous, although it's important to note that Floyd cut a single for Sun in 1954. Floyd was 71 when this live recording was made in 1979. Nick Tosches' typically amusing liner notes are available
at the label's site.

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moose & squirrel said...

You know being in the 'real' rekkid bidness for years will turn one into an eccentric old uncle. If only Ed Harvey could see what is happening now with the development of the Internet. Keep up the posts that take your visitors to places they might never thought to have traveled.