Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Review: Goat- World Music

Along with thousands of other music-obsessed dweebs, I enjoy sifting through the avalanche of year-end lists every December.  While deriding or admiring the selections of list-makers is fun, my real goal is to discover titles I had overlooked.  Spin's list included World Music by Goat.  A blurb suggested it was "an atlas-worth of psychedelic sounds."  I obviously had to check it out.  Apparently, there's a backstory that has some factions of the indie-rock world abuzz.  As much as I like a good hoax in the vein of Yma Sumac and Klaatu, I really don't care who's responsible for the danceable haze.   Fela + Acid Mothers Temple?  I'm in.  Look and listen.

Kendrick Lamar's appearance at the Midland on Sunday infuriated me.  Here's my review.

Making Movies' Conciencia Colectiva, a free odds-and-ends mixtape, is very worthwhile.

I'm smitten by bentcousin's "I Think I Like Your Girlfriend More Than You".


Dread in-a Babylon, indeed.

Kansas City Click: John Stowell performs with Matt Otto at Westport Coffeehouse on Tuesday.

Speedwolf performs at the Riot Room on Wednesday.

Miles Bonny does his thing Thursday at the Kill Devil Club.

(Original image by There Stands the Glass.)


Gary said...

I just discovered that Goat album over the weekend too. Wow.

Happy In Bag said...

So much music, so little time.