Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Review: Frank Ocean- Channel Orange

Finally!  A couple people with remarkably good taste were confounded that I didn't share their enthusiasm for Channel Orange.   "It's exactly your thing," I was repeatedly told.  One friend described the Frank Ocean album as a combination of Prince, Outkast and R. Kelly.  Yep- that's precisely my thing.  I stuck with it and began to appreciate the way "Crack Rock" swings, the literate flourishes in "Super Rich Kids" and the unrequited lust of "Pyramids."  The juxtaposition of André 3000 and Eddie Hazel-style guitar on "Pink Matter" also impressed me.  The entire project finally clicked a couple days ago when I rearranged the track order.  The album is sequenced all wrong.  My version of Channel Orange begins with "Bad Religion."   I haven't been a member of the cool kids' club for years, but finally tuning into Channel Orange provides me with no small degree of consolation. 

Here's my review of Drowning Pool's under-attended concert at the VooDoo.

Johnnie Bassett has died.

The Pitch's annual music showcase is always fun.   The best bands I saw Saturday were Making Movies and Radkey.  Diverse's hip hop set inspired speculation at Plastic Sax.

You're really blowing it if you've never attended one of the People's Liberation Big Band's monthly performances at the RecordBar.  Sunday's gig was astounding.

Grenadina's new six-song EP Pretend For Me is available as a "name-your-own-price" download at Bandcamp.  RIYL: L7, K Records.

Unusual items are in the bags of Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks.

"Hell Broke Luce".

Kansas City Click: Frank Hannon of Tesla appears Tuesday at Jerry's Bait Shop in Lee's Summit.

White Violet plays at Czar Bar on Wednesday.

White Wizzard is at Riot Room on Thursday.

(Original image by There Stands the Glass.)


Matt said...

I read someone else comment about how the tracklisting for Channel Orange was all wrong. I'm curious, what else would you change other than leading off with 'Bad Religion'?

Happy In Bag said...

Thanks for asking. Here's my (superior) sequencing of Channel Orange:

1. Bad Religion
2. Super Rich Kids
3. Crack Rock
4. Forrest Gump
5. Pink Matter
6. Sierra Leone
7. Thinkin Bout You
8. Lost
9. Pilot Jones
10. Sweet Life
11. Monks
12. White
13. Pyramids
14. End

I'd omit Start, Fertilizer, Not Just Money entirely.

bigsteveno said...

Those audio verite interludes on Channel Orange drove me crazy, but even when I edited them out, the record did nothing for me. Maybe I'll try your running order, but the songs seemed too something.

Happy In Bag said...


I believe in the power of my playlist. I'll look for it on your weekly posts.