Monday, April 02, 2012

Review: The Village Chamber Choir at Village Presbyterian Church

I was almost turned away from the Village Chamber Choir's performance of Johannes Brahms' A German Requiem at Village Presbyterian Church last Sunday. I couldn't locate an open seat and the volunteer ushers were more concerned with protecting their spots than insisting that patrons make room for others. A kind group of senior citizens finally made space for me in the back row of the church's balcony.

The powerful performance was deserving of a full house, but I suspect that both the venue's generous use of air conditioning on the unseasonably hot day and the obligatory attendance of friends and family of the seventy-person choir contributed to attracting many in the audience of over 1,000.

Dappled afternoon sunlight provided a cheerful light show while the choir and excellent guest vocalists Gwen Coleman Detwiler and Christopher Reames sang of grief. The otherwise lovely distraction prevented me from becoming fully invested in the emotionally turbulent work.

I focused instead on the celestial bounce offered by my distant vantage point. And while I was initially disappointed that two pianos rather than an orchestra accompanied the choir, I came to admire the stark elegance of the lean version of Brahm's piece. I never felt moved to mourn. Instead, the performance provided me with a satisfying Lenten celebration.

James Christos appears in the trailer for Corporate FM.

Obligatory sports reference.

Kansas City Click: I'm opting for Philip Glass and TIm Fain at Helzberg Hall over Childish Gambino and Danny Brown at the Beaumont on Tuesday.

The New Vintage Big Band plays a monthly gig at BB's Lawnside BBQ on Wednesday.

The Middle of the Map festival kicks into high gear on Thursday.

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Julie said...

I wish I could "like" just part of this post. Nice "obligatory sports reference"....but was the game even over at that point? Or did you just know....

Happy In Bag said...

It was obvious even before the game that Kentucky wasn't going to lose, Julie.