Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Typewriter Ribbon

Karma, as no one has ever said, is a bear.

Even though I realized that people were doing the right thing by putting money into the hands of a very worthy band, I scoffed as impressed passerby purchased physical copies of The Grisly Hand's album at the band's fine performance Sunday at the Plaza Art Fair. Didn't they realize that until recently the album was available as a free download at Bandcamp?

The joke was on me. Hours later, the hard drive on my new MacBook Pro died. Everything- including about 48 hours of music- was lost.

Suddenly, my typewriter ribbon museum, as I've come to refer to my absurdly massive CD collection, doesn't seem quite so useless. My stacks of box sets look especially appealing after the devastating digital loss. My interest in Pop Market has also been revived. I was tempted by today's offer of a "bundle" (ugh!) of Wilco vinyl and by yesterday's discount on an Earth, Wind & Fire box set on CD.

I suppose I could spend my money on The Grisly Hand's album. My previous copy is gone forever.

I reviewed Saturday's Uproar Festival. As is often the case with my reviews, one or two of the indignant comments are more entertaining than my recap.

The last thing I did before my hard drive collapsed was make note of my attendance at Sunday's performances by The Grisly Hand at the art fair and by Todd Clouser at Jardine's. That put me at 287 shows for 2011.

Grace Potter does a good deed.

Jessy Dixon has died.

A horn section keeps Yellow Dubmarine afloat, er, submerged.

Opeth and I share a guilty pleasure.

A friend just turned me on to Where Are the Arms, the new album by Gabriel Kahane. RIYL: Paul Simon, Barclay Martin, Jeff Buckley.

The Good Feeling indeed!

Kansas City Click: The Beach Nuts return to Jardine's on Tuesday.

The UMKC Conservatory is showcased Wednesday at The Kauffman Center.

Garage a Trois perform Thursday at Crosstown Station.

(Original image by There Stands the Glass.)


Ruralgurl said...

Back up, back up, back up.

Happy In Bag said...

Hey, Ruralgurl. I attended Leroy Johnson's wake last weekend. You would have loved seeing so many old Pennylane/Streetside friends. Bittersweet.