Friday, September 16, 2011

Review: Cesmiles- Did This For Hip Hop

Cesmiles' "Sorry" stream at YouTube (featuring Ces Cru)

Cesmiles' "School" stream at YouTube (instrumental)

Miles Bonny is an over-sharer. I love the guy and the music he makes, but I just can't deal with the constant barrage of information he transmits. I had to unfollow Bonny online just so his updates didn't consume a significant portion of my days.

Now I'm playing catchup. I accidentally came across Did This For Hip Hop, his new collaboration with Ces Cru, at Bandcamp. The mixtape is so good that it temporarily relieved me of my obsession with Shabazz Palaces. Bonny's instrumental tracks reflect his interest in all types of music- folk, jazz and international sounds are added to the usual funk samples. I prefer Bonny's productions to the work of most of his more celebrated peers.

A couple of the selections on Did This For Hip Hop are little more than sketches, but hey, he's giving it away (and asking for "tips.") It almost goes without saying that the tracks featuring Ces Cru are fire.

Blues man Willie "Big Eyes" Smith has died. (Tip via BGO.)

The excellent video for Destroyer's "Savage Night at the Opera" reminds me of why Vancouver is my favorite city in North America. Kaput is highly recommended to anyone harboring an inexcusable nostalgia for the era in which Gary Wright was a radio star. (Guilty!)

Why didn't anyone tell me about Death Grips? The free Exmilitary mixtape is among my favorite release of 2011.

Rondo Leewright, of St. Louis' Rondo's Blues Deluxe, has died. His band was once a big club draw in Kansas City.

I reviewed Time Travel, the new album by Never Shout Never, for Ink.

Am I an idiot, or is Google's Music Beta deliberately confusing? Wait- don't answer that.

Kansas City Click: Anthony Wilson is performing Friday at the Westport Coffee House Theater at Plastic Sax. I previewed the show at Plastic Sax.

Wrath & Ruin is at the Riot Room on Saturday.

I'll be with the hoi polloi at the Kauffman Center's open house on Sunday.

The Lonely Planet appear at Crosstown Station on Monday.

(Original image by There Stands the Glass.)


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