Friday, September 09, 2011

Missed the Saturday Dance

Thanks to my love of jazz, I quite frequently find myself surrounded by old folks. As a member of an audience of about 200 (!) at a piano trio gig earlier this week, I was one of the ten youngest people in the room. Aside from the speed at which they move while entering and exiting venues, I enjoy the company of my elders. They're attentive listeners. Unlike all too many concertgoers under the age of sixty, old people don't talk, text or take pictures while music's playing. God bless 'em.

A new edition of "What's In My Bag?" featuring Seu Jorge and Almaz makes me happy.

I was name-checked on Friday's edition of KCUR's Up To Date.

Kansas City Click: David Letterman holds up a CD longbox of my favorite Los Lobos album in this clip. I'd forgotten that the awful packaging even existed. Los Lobos play Knuckleheads for the first time on Friday.

The Prairie Village Jazz Festival is Saturday.

The Features and Kevine Devine Sunday at The Record Bar.

Dominique Sanders leads Monday's jam session at The Blue Room.

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