Friday, July 08, 2011

My Problem

My name is Solar Compactor and I have a problem.

The new social media/streaming music service is so compelling that I'm often tempted to neglect my real life obligations so that I may goof off in its digital playground. Even as I write these words, I'm actually weighing the option of staying glued to instead of attending tonight's Gomez/Mike Doughty concert.

The sonic voyeurism also confirms traditional stereotypes. Jazz cats are bitter snobs. Hip hop heads are obsessed with one-upping one another on knowledge of their music's history. Indie rock fans are lemmings. Metal dudes are elitists. Even so, the opportunity to listen to and chat about Mulatu Astatke in real time seems like a dream come true.

It'd be even better with you there. I still haven't found a single forum where I can comfortably share my affection for N.R.B.Q., Ted Hawkins, Tech N9ne, Slayer, Coleman Hawkins and Asha Bhosle. Help me out.

I have another Warped Tour under my belt. Here's my review of Wednesday's tour stop.

Kansas City Click: If I'm not geeking out on on Friday night, I'll be singing along to Gomez at Crossroads KC.

John Anderson will be getting wild and blue at Knuckleheads on Saturday.

Ben Folds returns to Crossroads KC on Sunday. I regret that I never saw him do this.

(Original image by There Stands the Glass.)


bigsteveno said...

I should have known you'd be a Q head.

bgo said...

I'm trying to figure out. Be patient, my friend.

Happy In Bag said...

The solid alternative to, BGO, is That site allows for private rooms with your pals- which is nice- but you're required to upload your music, which can be a hassle.

As BGO knows, BigSteve, my primary allegiance is to Lou Whitney, but I love Al Anderson-era Q.

bigsteveno said...

All I know about Whitney is a couple of Morells albums. I agree that Big Al is the man.

mike t. said...

ted hawkins? he's awesome.

Happy In Bag said...

Yes sir.