Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bill Morrissey, 1951-2011

Years before I was employed by the record label, the budget-priced Rounder Folk compilation was one of the first titles I bought in the then-new CD format. The exhausted tone and cracked voice displayed on Bill Morrissey's "My Old Town" led me to believe that the man was well into his 60s. I was shocked when I discovered that he was still young. A combination of Hank Williams and Robert Frost, the New England-based singer-songwriter rarely toured in the Midwest. I saw him perform just once. His bearing at a Rounder Records convention in Cambridge made me realize that his songs about hard living were probably based on actual experience. "These Cold Fingers", for instance, details a botched marriage proposal, alcoholism, shattered ambition and shooting a debilitated dog. Morrissey died July 23. This fine appreciation of Morrissey's career provides valuable context.

There are some saints in hiding by the river in the reeds/And they're turning down every train that don't feel the right speed. Sing them this song when you pass by, it'll be your last good deed. Ah babe, it's true, the saints are down every line waiting just for you.

"Night Train," Bill Morrissey

ECM's audio player for Levon Eskenian's The Gurdjieff Folk Instruments Ensemble transports me to another realm.

Here's nice news for bassist Jamaaladeen Tacuma.

This just in- Bjork's new song sounds just like Bjork.

You'd think I'd love the new single by Mocean Worker. I hate it.

I took no pleasure in trashing Snoop Dogg's performance in my town Tuesday. Here's my review.

I reviewed last night's performance by Paul Thorn.

I reviewed Big Scoob's Damn Fool album.

"Yoga doesn't make you invisible!" I adore The Ettes.

I suppose this marks the return of the "death blog," as my highly-valued friend BGO once put it. I still intend to note the recent passing of greats like Kenny Baker.

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bigsteveno said...

Thanks for the heads up on Jamaladeen Tacuma. I had lost track of his career, but now I can buy his albums and he gets all the money. And I get some fresh Ornette!

Happy In Bag said...

Thanks for being my reader, Steve.

house painting cost said...

I like the story. These are a great songs indeed. Thanks for sharing.

smoking electronic cigarettes said...

That's a sad news. His songs are great and I just can't believe he's already gone. May his soul rest in peace.