Monday, January 24, 2011

Review: Ozzy at the Sprint Center

I was kicking myself for failing to secure a ticket to Joshua Bell's concert Saturday when I caught wind of a special day-of-show deal at the Sprint Center. Twenty dollars for an Ozzy Osbourne ticket? Done! So much for my backup plan of spending just five dollars to catch Kid Sister and Hearts of Darkness at the VooDoo.

As the photo indicates, sometimes you get what you pay for. I initially felt as if I was watching people watch a concert. The laughably awful sound for Slash's opening set had me considering abandoning the arena. I'm glad I didn't bail. How I love Ozzy! As the proper reviews by Joel Francis and Peter Rugg indicate, it would have been impossible not to have a good time as Ozzy stumbled around the stage.

Even from the cheap seats.

Here's my review of the opening night of the Jazz Winterlude festival.

I held a pity party for myself Friday night. Oh Mercy provided the soundtrack. I'd intended to compound my misery by playing a third-tier Bob Dylan outing at full volume. It didn't go as planned. Those songs are stunning. The conventional wisdom is that Dylan's career renaissance began with 1997's Time Out of Mind. That's simply wrong.

I enjoyed reading this profile of opera singer Joyce Castle. Here's a preview of her performance Wednesday at the Lied Center.

I'm going through some stuff right now, so I'm especially susceptible to disposable pop music. That's a fancy way of admitting that I love The Script's "For the First Time".

I wish Nelly had spent thirty seconds longer on the words to the chorus of his most recent hit.

Nashville recording engineer Jim Williamson has died.

Kansas City Click: Miranda Cosgrove appears at the Uptown Theater on Monday.

The Garrett Nordstrom Situation perform Tuesday at Jazz in midtown.

Diverse, Les Izmore and Reach will "Check the Rhime" Wednesday at the Blue Room.

(Original image by There Stands the Glass.)


m.v. said...

I sat at those seats in the very back for the TSO concert. I was several city blocks away from the stage and only after watching my own video was I able to see the faces.

bgo said...

Yo HIB. Time Out Of Mind came out in 1997. Oh Mercy was 1989.

Happy In Bag said...

T.S.O. doesn't really count as a concert, M.V. Someday I'll drag you to a "real" show. It'll be so much fun (for me.)

Thanks for the catch, BGO. Fixed.

Gary said...

I agree on Oh Mercy, I think it's one of Dylan's best and the two cover albums he did after are pretty good too.