Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Gerry Rafferty, 1947-2011

Stream of The Humblebums' "Rick Rack" at YouTube

Gerry Rafferty died yesterday. This remarkable compilation covers several phases of his eclectic career. On Humblebums songs like "Rick Rack" he sounds like a British version of Harry Nilsson. His early solo work resembles James Taylor. Steeler's Wheel's big hit continues to be regularly mistaken for Bob Dylan. Rafferty's later solo material possesses the post-Beatles air of George Harrison and Jeff Lynne. It's all highly enjoyable. I admire Rafferty's resourceful malleability. And "Baker Street," of course, is one of those inescapable era-defining hits.

I've always liked The Damnwells. Here's a no-budget video for its new song.

A new song from True Womanhood features the sound of a tack piano.

Here's the first video from the forthcoming album from Doomtree's Sims.

R. Kelly is in Jackie Wilson mode for much of his new album. Here's the video for the lead single.

Kansas City Click: The Grand Marquis perform at 75th Street Brewery on Wednesday.

Guitarist Will Matthews plays at Chaz on Thursday.


bigsteveno said...

We've been arguing about Baker Street today at Rock Town Hall. Apparently a lot of serious music fans seriously despise it. I think it's over-played obviously, and a little slick, but it's undeniably a terrific radio single, perfect in its own way. That sax riff drives some people mental. No, it's not the least bit punk or edgy. Good for you, Mr. Rafferty.

Happy In Bag said...