Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Review: It Might Get Loud

A good friend insisted that I meet him at a theater Saturday so that I might see It Might Get Loud. My buddy had already taken it in twice. He insists that it's a classic rock'n'roll movie.

I don't agree.

While It Might Get Loud looks and sounds beautiful, I just didn't care for its reverential tone. I already know that Jimmy Page is impossibly cool and that Jack White is a freakish roots music savant. Consequently, I found the segments featuring The Edge to be the most interesting parts of the film. I haven't been much of a U2 fan since War, but at least The Edge's thoughts and observations came as surprises.

And want surprises from a rock film. I also want chaos, comedy and tragedy.

That's why I loved Anvil! The Story of Anvil. I saw a VH1 airing of the shaggy documentary on Sunday. I'm now completely invested in the fate of the third-tier metal band. They're ugly and clueless but they're true believers.

That's rock'n'roll.

I celebrate Kansas City's Hearts of Darkness at Plastic Sax.

"The Chiefs Are On the Warpath"! Warning: Marilyn Maye content. (Image via J.P.)

Ben Sidran does Bob Dylan. Against all odds, it sounds great. (Tip via D.B.)

I love the video for "Life Is Better," the collaboration between Q-Tip and Norah Jones. (Tip via S.S.)

Kansas City Click: I'll be the creepy guy tailgating outside the gate Tuesday during Wilco's sold-out show at Crossroads. Don't feel sorry for me- I'm looking forward to it.

(Original image by There Stands the Glass.)


bgo said...

Bobby would be wise to hire Dr. Sidran to replace his own wheezy organ comping that is dismal in its attempt to evoke Augie Meyers, Alan Price, et al.

I look forward to my FB friend Ben's new Dylan project.

Rick in PV said...

Just announced: Anvil at the Beaumont Jan. 30!

Happy In Bag said...

Bob's new Christmas album, BGO, has shattered my faith in humanity.

I am so excited about that news, Rick. I'm led to believe that they'll screen the film before the band performs.