Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Review: The Whomping Willows

What in the name of Voldemort is going on? I was transported to a bizarre world ruled by happy nerds yesterday.

The Whomping Willows and The Remus Lupins participated in a "PotterCast" at Johnson County's Central Resource Library.

While I genuinely like the Harry Potter books and movies, I attended out of morbid curiosity. I received plenty of dirty looks, consequently, when I guffawed at some of the absurd rituals on display. In a pre-show trivia contest, for instance, contestants identified themselves by their "wizard names" and their "house." I also freaked out when a girl won a prize by reciting the full name of Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.

I was ultimately charmed, however, by the sweet innocence exhibited by the audience of about 150. The music? Not so much. The Whomping Willows sounded like a cross between Jonathan Richman and Mitchel Musso. Decide for yourself- here's a self-referential video. I didn't stick around for the Remus Lupins.

Kansas City Click: Am I man enough to experience Sunn O))) tonight at the Riot Room?

(Original image of autographed shirt by There Stands the Glass.)


Anonymous said...

I'm failing to see the appeal of Sunn O))), which in the linked video appears to be a bunch of dudes in hooded robes with some smoke machines and feedback.

The DLC said...

Yeah, the Melvins did this schtick much better on a couple albums in the 90s. I do however, think the robes totally rule.

As for Pottercast, HIB there are some photos online that may tickle your fancy.

Happy In Bag said...

C'mon, AZ! Where's your sense of adventure? Going to a Sunn O))) show, I suspect, is like accepting a double-dog-dare. It's a test of endurance.

My excuse for not going will be that I didn't want to damage my ears. And that's a legit concern- can you imagine how loud it'll be in that little tavern?

Hey! I'm in this shot, DLC.

Anonymous said...

A point well taken, HIB. I suppose it would be a superb test of auditory endurance. I suppose I just prefer to get my noise elsewhere, say, Ornette Coleman.

In all honesty, that video reminds me of me in college, minus the smoke and hooded robes. I used to sit in my little basement apartment some evenings and de-tune my electric guitar and come up with some creepy stuff.

bgo said...

A-Wop-bop-a-loo-lop a-lop-bam-boo