Thursday, July 09, 2009

Gilby Clarke- Something's Wrong With You


As I ponder all the great live music I've experienced this year, I continue to flash back to Duff McKagan's raw trash-rock set at Rockfest. (Here's some excellent fan footage of Corey Taylor's guest spot.) The memory compelled me to dig out Gilby Clarke's 1998 album Rubber. It's also aging well. Like his fellow Guns N' Roses bandmate, Clarke's under the influence of the Stooges, Exile-era Stones and the New York Dolls.

Michael's gone. Prince is lost. Marvin is a memory. Fear not- Maxwell's BLACKsummer'snight is a powerful anecdote to the pain felt by fans of soul music. It might just be my top album of 2009.

Yesterday found me too delirious to read and too nauseous to sleep. So I watched Fuse's spotlight on Blink-182. Being sick has its benefits. I hadn't thought about "Feeling This" for five years. Man, I love that song! I never though I'd say this, but I'm actually looking forward to catching Blink's reunion tour.

Kansas City Click: James Otto brings the twang to Power & Light's stage tonight.

Sparlha Swa appears at Dream Studio on Friday.

My friend Tony debuts his new band Faster Horses Saturday at The Record Bar. Slim Dunlap's new band is also on the bill.

From Villains Dance's MySpace: We are a cover band as of right now, playing Judas Priest, Queensryche, Doobie Bro's, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Dokken, Warrant, Skid Row, Stone Temple Pilots, Coheed & Cambria, AC/DC, Scorpions... ect ect... Dudes! Who's up for catching these brahs with me Sunday night at the Red Balloon?

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CD said...

I've been on vacation and couldn't get my phone to connect (thx Sprint) so I am just now checking in.
At first I thought it intereting that Maxwell's album was currently your favorite but then what great timing by him and unfortunately by Michael J. I have only heard a few songs and I do like it better than most current soul/R&B. I still don't understand why real drumming isn't used ALL THE TIME on something like this. Every time I see these guys live and they are using real live human drummers their songs are so much better. Thats just me being old again.
I too am looking forward to seeing Blink again. Seven or eight years ago I took my then 15 year old son to see them.Great fun.
And thanks for reminding me about Gilby Clarke.