Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Trio Cantores de la Sierra- El Bejuquito

Party's over.

My Cinco de Mayo has been a happy one, if only because it inspired me to knock the dust off this delightful collection of folk music from southern Mexico. Each song is more celebratory than the last. My favorites, though, are the inspired duets like "El Bejuquito." I wish I could figure out what the dancers are doing in this rough but worthwhile video of a Trio Cantores de la Sierra performance.

I insisted that my music trivia team be named "The Marquee Moonies" as a tribute to Richard Lloyd, who was playing the same venue later last night. Here's a friend's report: He shredded, literally, ripping the strings off his guitar in the Hendrix-esque, feedback-drenched finale! Backed by Television drummer Billy Ficca, so half of the punk pioneering band were there, doing their greatest "hits" like "Elevation," etc. Before 30-40 people! Bonus: the merch guy was Rolling Stone writer Charles M. Young.

I picked up The Popper's excellent new single at 7th Heaven last week. The title? "You Ain't Bout Sh%#! (The Deadbeat Daddy Anthem)."

Kansas City Click: The Blue Room hosts a Latin jazz listening party tonight. Pablo Sanhueza of Makuza and Miles Bonny will spin the clientele's LPs and CDs. I might have to dig out my Ray Barretto vinyl.

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