Friday, May 08, 2009

Review: Mac Lethal's Love Potion 5

Mac Lethal- "Undertow" (Lala stream)
"Undertow" video at YouTube

Mac Lethal can be a real jerk. And I can relate.

Brimming with anxiety and overflowing with internal contradictions, the rapper is a lot like the guy I see when I look in the mirror.

That's why the most important comment Mac makes on his new mixtape Love Potion 5 is a much more than a mere throwaway line.

"This is just a demo... the key is don't put a lot into each song," Mac notes. "That way you never get frustrated 'cause when you get frustrated you quit."

Man, does that ever sound familiar!

Relaxed and freed of inhibitions, Mac includes some of the most compelling music of his career on Love Potion 5. He is positively apoplectic on "Drunk Flow III (Painkillers+Beer)." "Stir Crazy" and "Heart Uvva Pig (Map of Love)" are also hilarious.

"El Camino," a clever reworking of "A Milli," includes a reference to local Chinese restaurant chain Bo Ling's. It's only appropriate. Imagine Lil Wayne as a Johnson County condo dweller.

It's not all good. No one wants to hear Mac whine about Asher Roth. And what's with the misogyny and homophobia? Cut it out, man. You're better than that.

Mac bashes users of the social media site on "At Least There's Twitter." In fact, he hates the service so much that he's only posted 344 times since he joined six weeks ago.

What a jerk.

(Don't worry, brother. You know I still love you.)

Any act that drops Con Funk Shun and Maze on unsuspecting teenagers gets my vote. Here's my review of a concert headlined by Jason Mraz.

I've often said that I'd give anything to have a voice that approximates Otis Redding's. Then I'm reminded that it doesn't guarantee happiness.

Kansas City Click: There Stands the Glass favorite Fito Olivares performs tonight at KC Fiesta. I'm more than slightly excited.

Poncho Sanchez plays the Gem Theater on Saturday.

Are you kidding me? Seventy-three-year-old Engelbert Humperdinck is still at it. He hits Ameristar Casino on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

I second your Opinion...I dunno if he thought it was clever or whatnot but,starting that song 87 blimmy with "FOR THE GAYZ!" was pretty childish to put it lightly...and thats as far as ive got,i dunno,maybe all be 'lucky' to hear somemore! *sigh

Happy In Bag said...

Mac drives me crazy, Anon, in the way that only people you love can do.

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