Monday, May 18, 2009

Review: Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown

Green Day- "Before the Lobotomy" (LaLa stream)

I regularly turn my terrestrial radio dial to a classic rock station.

Hearing songs by Boston, Bowie and E.L.O. that were already stale twenty years ago makes me laugh. Truth be told, however, I still love that stuff. Apparently, Billie Joe Armstrong shares my enthusiasm for the oldies. That would explain why Green Day's new 21st Century Breakdown sounds disarmingly like a classic rock album.

It's not exactly a subtle or groundbreaking effort, but this is Green Day, after all, and they're masters of the obvious. Heard in that context, 21st Century Breakdown is almost perfect.

The concept album's dopey political themes are easily forgotten amid the garish lifts. "Is that a Head East riff?" "Hey, that's from Styx!" "I miss Queen, too." The album has already provided me worlds of fun. And it's just going to get better.

The public pool in my neighborhood opens in a few days. The teenagers working there blast a Top 40 station through a tinny speaker system. I eagerly anticipate hearing these Green Day songs- the album has a least four potential hits- amid a mix of Ciara, Rick Ross and Soulja Boy. It's gonna be hot!

Kansas City Click: Newmatica is on the Monday night bill at The Record Bar.

(Original image of Green Day by There Stands the Glass.)


bgo said...

Is that a family reunion photo?

Happy In Bag said...

Ha! I've been holding on to that shot for nine months, BGO. I knew I'd eventually find a place for it.