Sunday, July 06, 2008

Ingrid Michaelson at the Beaumont Club

"That was loud and scary for real," Ingrid Michaelson told her tormentor July 1 at Kansas City's Beaumont Club.

An overly enthusiastic man had been inappropriately whooping and hollering his appreciation at the conclusion of each of Michaelson's sublime songs.

The New York-based singer-songwriter finally confronted the culprit.

"I see you," she told him. "You're a very large man hiding behind a very small woman."

"Sorry- my bad," he apologetically bellowed.

It was an odd twist to an otherwise thoroughly feminine evening. Almost all of the audience of about 250 were women aged twelve to fifty.

"You look like an ad for cute people wearing nice clothes," Michaelson told the fans pressed against the stage.

Material from albums Girls & Boys and Slow the Rain, along with a slew of unreleased songs, delighted the audience.

Had she entered There Stands the Glass' ticket giveaway contest in which the winner named the best cover song for the rising star, Michaelson would have easily won. Her intuitive version of Death Cab For Cutie's "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" was tremendous.

Michaelson's appearance was part of her first national headlining tour. It begged the question- just how popular will Michaelson become?

Given her prodigious talent, I suspect Michaelson will enjoy a career not unlike Randy Newman's. Any hits will be almost accidental. It's just as possible, however, that she'll veer to the center and become a Sheryl Crow-style pop star.

Selfishly, I hope that doesn't happen. I kind of like sharing Michaelson with 250 women. (Plus one rowdy guy.)

Greg Laswell didn't need to deal with boisterous fans. Most people listened attentively to his ballad-oriented opening set.

(Photography by Shannon Schlappi.)


Unknown said...

Ingrid Michaelson is collaborating on a contest to see who can best cover her hit track "The Way I Am." The winner scores an autographed Gibson guitar. All you have to do is upload a video or MP3 of you singing the cover song.
Check out other performers.
Here's the link to the contest:

Anonymous said...

If someone knows the latest legal posted occupancy for the Beaumont Club please post it here.Looking to do a large show in KC and looking at The BC as one location.


Happy In Bag said...

The Beaumont is being renovated; the capacity may change accordingly. Contact information is available at

Anonymous said...

Thank You.Yes, I have heard about the renovation.Also familiar with the website and Booking.
Any idea of what the number is now? I have a collective show there within the next months and am getting many mixed numbers.It should have been cleared when the event was set, but NO..
If anyone has more info then please post.
* We'll also have someone contact them as well as check with City Hall.

Thank You.