Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Artie Traum, 1943-2008

Goodbye, Artie.

Back in another lifetime I would load a U-Haul truck with bluegrass and folk albums and drive to Winfield, Kansas, as the representative of the on-site music vendor at the annual Walnut Valley Festival. In that pre-internet era, it represented a rare chance for fans to purchase specialty music. I recall this now because Artie Traum died Sunday. He and his brother Happy sold guitars a few feet from my booth. Rubbing elbows with the noted folk musicians was one the first times I felt like I'd finally arrived. "In Paris," a wry song from 2002's South of Lafayette.

Slipknot was great last night. Seriously. Here's my review. I'm not a fan of Richard Cheese, but I suddenly find this parody hilarious.

Kansas City Click: Jerome and the Townspeople relocate to Jardine's tonight.

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Edward Renehan said...

You'll find Artie's memorial web page here. Also, click here to catch Artie performing one of his most recent songs - "Halifax" - off his latest and last CD Thief of Time.