Tuesday, March 21, 2006

William S. Burroughs- Mildred Pierce Reporting

The report has ended.

William S. Burroughs and I both resided in Lawrence, KS, in the mid '80s. I'd cross paths with him occasionally and I attended his infrequent readings. I even had him autograph a copy of Edwin Meese's Attorney General's Commission On Pornography, the subject of my 1986 thesis. But the Burroughs crowd spooked me, and I still have mixed feelings about turning down a couple of invitations to functions at his home. Even with the participation of talents like Hal Wilner and Charlie Hunter, I'm not a big fan of Spare Ass Annie and Other Tales; this track is atypical. Existing fans of the author won't need to be reminded that this brief scatological rant is highly offensive on many levels.

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countrygrrl said...

always felt the guy was seriously overrated..anyone who thinks he's william tell needs a dose of pcp and a blanket. I did try to read his wandered mush in high school but had to give up and admit defeat. I think 'the emperors new clothes' rings a bell, and most folk were secretly reading graham greene and dh lawrence...