Friday, March 03, 2006

Ray Price- Take These Chains From My Heart

The chains are gone.

It's funny how time erodes the taint of selling out. Ray Price began his career as a Hank Williams acolyte before finding stardom recording countrypolitan schmaltz. He found redemption at the end of his career thanks to the sponsorhip of Willie Nelson. But today, his entire catalog, including the big hits, sounds wonderful. This song from a radio-shot session catches him in full-on Hank mode. It's likely from 1958.


countrygrrl said...

wow just been listening to ray and willie on their fab album san antonio rose which is my album of the year even though it has been out for a hell of a country mile. thanks for fab post.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'd have to disagree. Ray sounded like Hank cuz that was a pretty common sound to a lot of country music back in the the 40s and 50s. And that's fine but I would much rather hear his material complete with strings from later in his career because of his well seasoned voice and stellar arrangments. Epecially the stuff with Buddy Emmons on pedal steel. He seems to continue to age well though I haven't heard anything new from him in a while.

You all are right about the Willie and Ray album.

Happy In Bag said...

Nate, I appreciate your thoughtful comments, and I'd love for you, as a hometown guy, to post more often. Keep in mind, though, that Price is actually covering a Hank song here.

Countrygrrl, I loved the Ray and Willie post at your site.