Thursday, March 09, 2006

Boulevard of Broken Dreams- Travelin' Light

Lights out.

Elvis Costello's latest effort has been out for ten days and I have yet to pick it up. That must be a record for me. Between his orginal LPs, CDs, countless reissues, and concert tickets, I'm sure I've dropped around a thousand dollars on the man's art. It's money well spent, of course. My Flame Burns Blue features Elvis with a Dutch orchestra offering torch-style arrangements of his catalog. My favorite recording of Europeans exploring this genre is Boulevard of Broken Dreams' It's the Talk of the Town and Other Sad Songs. The delightful document is out of print. "Travelin' Light" will be my theme song for a few days, as I'm taking a blogger's holiday.


craig said...

from the it's never too late department...I just added you to my blogroll (I was doing a little housecleaning!)

Steve Engler said...

Is there any chance of you sharing this track again?

Happy In Bag said...

Steve- Head's up!

bisonravi bisonravi said...

please please please
could you reupload this album ?
thanks anyway