Wednesday, December 28, 2005

R.L. Burnside- Death Bell Blues

The Bell Rings No More

Who could have predicted that a new generation of musicians, ranging from jam-friendly The North Mississippi Allstars to Ohio primitives The Black Keys, would be influenced by R.L. Burnside? His raw sound was first documented in the late '60s, but it wasn't until Fat Possum began recording Burnside in the early '90s that he found a substantial audience. What's next- Japanese electronica based on the acoustic blues of Lightnin' Hopkins? Let's hope so. Burnside died on September 1.


disengagementinc said...

That brilliant bluesman will be missed by many. We need people like him on this friggin' planet- God should have taken some useless SOB instead.
btw, have you ever checked out Juke Boy Bonner? He definitely deserves a place on your blog

Don't Need Anything said...

aw man, i love me some burnside. thanks for this. i needed it this morning.