Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Album Review: Cherokee Rock Rifle- Ta-Li

Cherokee Rock Rifle enjoys an enviable status among the cool kids in Kansas City.  In addition to being a good guy, vocalist Dutch Humphrey works as a bartender at one of the town's most fashionable music venues.  His band, consequently, is a compulsory member of the in-crowd. 

That sort of reasoning has never swayed me.  I regularly rip the music made by my friends and associates.  I'm a jerk that way.

Thankfully, I love Ta-Li, Cherokee Rock Rifle's new six-song EP, on its own merits.  It compares favorably to the output of like-minded bands including Clutch, Valient Thorr and Black Lips.  The quintet's antecedents include Nazareth, Humble Pie and Accept.  In other words, Cherokee Rock Rifle makes snarling blues-based rock designed to accompany illicit activity. 

Because I've been ailing, it's been a long, lonely time since I cut loose.  The hell-raising Ta-Li will be my companion the next time I'm in a proper mindset to f*** s*** up.   

The least expensive tickets at the door of T.I.'s concert at the Sprint Saturday last Saturday were $60.  The headliner phoned it in.  Here's my review of the lackluster performance by one of my favorite rappers.

I caught wholesome heartthrob Tate Stevens' second show at the Midland.  Here's my review.

Chrissie Amphlett of the Divinyls,  Richie Havens and Artie "Blues Boy" White have died.

Music-oriented movies at the forthcoming Middle of the Map Film Fest include A Band Called Death and The Frames: In a Deep Shade.

"This Grey Goose tastes like water."  Brett Gretsky promotes its new release.

I insist that Tyga supervise the soundtrack to the hypothetical sequel of Idiocracy.  After listening to the entirety of the young star's Molly-centric Hotel California album, I question America's sustainability.

Christian McBride played the National Anthem at an NBA game last week.

I loathe TV comedians, but I have to admit that I laughed at Jimmy Kimmel's Coachella-related stunt.

I can't wait to hear this week's new albums by JD Allen, the Appleseed Cast, Brass Bed, Fantasia, Har Mar Superstar, Wallace Roney, Edward Simon, Snoop Lion, Thee Oh Sees, Craig Taborn, Frank Turner, Carlos Vives and Rob Zombie.  Cowboy Indian Bear's Live Old, Die Young  is at the top of my list.

Kansas City Click: Black Mountain perform at the RecordBar on Tuesday.

Early Graves play the Czar Bar on Wednesday.

Davey's hosts Cowboy Indian Bear on Thursday.

(Original image by There Stands the Glass.)


Matt said...

I really enjoy the Cherokee Rock Rifle EP as well. Between their EP, The Appleseed Cast, The Grisly Hand, Cowboy Indian Bear, Soft Reeds and The ACBs it's been an amazing year for local music so far.

Is there anything else local that I'm missing?

Happy In Bag said...

Your comment inspired my next post, Matt. Thanks.

For now, I'll just suggest that while I bought the new Making Movies album before Christmas, the national release of the very fine A La Deriva was last month.