Monday, July 02, 2012

The Sound of One (Grisly) Hand Clapping

The members of the Grisly Hand should hope that the adage about a rising tide lifting all ships isn't true.  Two of Kansas City's most popular like-minded acts played their farewell shows last weekend.  

So many loyal fans attended Oriole Post's final gig at the RecordBar that ordering a drink was an ordeal.  Knowing it was my final time hearing the ensemble, I made certain to appreciate the Americana act's strengths- fine fiddling, sweet vocals, strong bass work and tasteful drumming.  Oriole Post was very refined.

Because The Wilders were a much rowdier band, my mad dashes to the bar wouldn't have seemed so out of place had I attended its farewell show at Knuckleheads.  Reports indicate that it was a rapturous affair. 

Will the Grisly Hand claim the forlorn fans of the Wilders and Oriole Post?  Or will the dissolution of the two stylistically similar acts cause the entire old-timey/bluegrass/trad-country scene to collapse?

At the intermission of last night's People's Liberation Big Band show, a friend suggested that I should post a link to the  Tiny Desk Concert of frequent Kansas City visitor Allison Miller.  It's astounding.

Hey, D'Angelo- you and your band blew everyone off the stage at last night's BET Awards.  So why can't I link to a proper site?  Please allow me to be your manager. 

I dig Mike Stern's new album. 

Kansas City Click: Black Cobra play the Riot Room on Monday.

Russian Circles play the Riot Room on Tuesday.

The Shades of Blue big band are featured at Berkley Park on the Fourth of July.

(Original image of Oriole Post by There Stands the Glass.)

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