Saturday, June 02, 2012

Doc Watson, 1923-2012

I marvel at the fact that the time I've been allotted on this planet has allowed me to experience performances by artists that seemingly belong to a different era.  I've witnessed the likes of Roy Acuff, Count Basie, Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash, Jay McShann, Little Richard, Bill Monroe, Jimmy Scott, Myra Taylor and Doc Watson.  I last caught Watson at Johnson County Community College.  It was always a treat to see the man who introduced me to material like "Darling Corey," "Intoxicated Rat," "Shady Grove" and "Tennessee Stud."  I can't imagine a kinder or more expert instructor.

I reviewed a concert by Danzig, Kyng, MonstrO and Hammerlord.

Hours of research aimlessly goofing around on Spotify led me to the Steve Lehman Trio's Dialect Fluorescent and Floratone II.  So good.  So neglected. 

The members of Spirit is the Spirit want you to buy them a van.

Here's the cool story behind a public domain version of the Goldberg Variations.

While I can't prevent you from calling Horseback a novelty act, nothing you say is going to make me stop loving its new release.

The Malawi Mouse Boys have a charming new album.  Here's a documentary about the project.  (Look carefully to discern the origin of the collective's name.)

Mr. Doolittle is a faithful reader of There Stands the Glass.

Kansas City Click: I'm seriously considering catching The Clocks' opening set for Eddie Money at Old Shawnee Days on Saturday.

Buck 65 plays the Riot Room on Sunday.

The RecordBar hosts Grass Widow on Monday.

Seether opens for Nickelback at the Sprint Center on Tuesday.

A set by She's a Keeper precedes Wednesday's Royals game.

(Original image by There Stands the Glass.)

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