Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Review: Chicago Underground Duo- Age of Energy

A five-track Rorschach test, Age of Energy, the astounding  new album by the Chicago Underground Duo, elicits visions.
1. "Winds Sweeping Pines"- Ignore the selection's title.  I see a riot by discontented assembly line workers at a Chinese industrial plant.  This is everything I'd hoped for but didn't get from internet sensation BadBadNotGood.

2. "It's Alright"-  Once again, the title is grossly misleading.  It's most definitely not alright.  This is the sound of Miles Davis attempting to claw his way out of his grave.

3. "Castle In Your Heart"- The label amusingly refers to the track as a single.  (It's available as a free download here.)  Like a Gauguin painting of Polynesia come to life, the song's fleetingly sensual quality is akin to a moment of oblivious tranquility hours before a tsunami strikes.

4. "Age of Energy"- The drumming on the title track resembles the dull thump of wet Nikes tumbling in a distressed dryer.  The astringent screech of the trumpet might have been achieved through enhanced interrogation. 

5. "Moon Debris"-  The lost Kraftwerk jazz album from 1973. I've got yer jazz robots right here.
Fans of Tortoise, Matthew Shipp and Stereolab are encouraged to seek their own visions with Age of Energy.

I reviewed a wild concert headlined by Mushroomhead.

Farewell, Adam Yauch.

Michael Burks has died.

The new John Peel site is a thing of wonder.  I recommend watching the feature on Mike Absalom. 

Have you seen and heard Neil Young and Crazy Horse's Oh Susannah"?  It's insane.  (And that's just the way I like it.)

Dennis Brown interprets Jimmy Webb.  I love this world.

Here's Doomtree at NPR.

Subscribing to archival music channels sometimes leads to tantalizing surprises.  Yowza!

Kansas City Click: Aretha Franklin graces Helzberg Hall on Tuesday.

Kittie top Wednesday's bill at the Beaumont.

I get to see Bad Company play a corporate event on Thursday.  I hope to meet Mick Ralphs.

(Original image by There Stands the Glass.)


bgo said...

Is that corporate event the same one Huey Lewis is performing at? Can I go?

Gary said...

Ha, I want to know who Bad Company is playing for too. If Mick Ralphs were hitting Kansas City I would prefer Overend Watts and Ian Hunter in tow with him.

Happy In Bag said...

Get at me on FB, guys. I'll give you a link.