Friday, January 06, 2012

Review: Jad Fair's Bird House

Jad Fair's latest project instantly transported me back to the early '80s. In those days I felt compelled to salvage Half Japanese and Jad Fair solo albums from record store cutout bins. I didn't particularly enjoy the absurd outsider sounds but I loved the fact that "music" of this nature could actually be recorded, released, distributed and sold. A video for the title track for the forthcoming EP Bird House is an uncanny representation of my disjointed memories of that era. I continue to embrace the anarchy.

Album of the Year?

The unseasonably warm weather somehow makes the idea of driving to Arkansas to hear acts like Bob Weir and Railroad Earth at Wakarusa seem attractive.

Kansas City Click: My official picks are published here.

(Original image by There Stands the Glass.)


JonathanN said...

Exactly the piece of information I was looking for! Thanks so much for posting!

Gary said...

One of my favorite shows was around 2000 with Half Japanese in a little living room setting at a long gone record store in Oklahoma City. Jad just sat on a couch with a crappy old Converse All Star on his head before the opening band Audio Rodeo rearranged my brain. God bless Jad Fair.

Happy In Bag said...

That anecdote is perfect, Gary.

I miss those OK record stores- Starship, um... Geez- I can't even remember their names, but I recall that the owners were invariably really cool guys. Sad.

As the spammer wrote, "thanks so much for posting!"

Gary said...

I used to make the two hour pilgrimage to Starship often. I was one of the oddballs that went to buy t-shirts or records (lotsa import vinyl) and not the head shop goodies. Most people (non-music nerd types) associate it with the "paraphenalia" sold in that "other building."

Happy In Bag said...

Yeah, when I occasionally visit a certain Kansas City "record store" I get the impression that I'm the only customer who actually flips through the paltry selection of pre-recorded music instead of making a beeline for the "smoking accessories."

James Marcum said...

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