Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Review: Sir Michael Rocks- Premier Politics

Sir Michael Rocks- "Cell Dope" (video at YouTube)

When I heard an abominable track on terrestrial radio over the weekend I immediately assumed it was a demo by a local artist. Wrong! The hideous song turned out to be the new J. Cole hit. When quality control at the highest level is so suspect, it's completely understandable that Sir Michael Rocks of The Cool Kids feels compelled to release a free mix tape that flirts with the hip hop mainstream. Raves from nerds like me only gets an acclaimed underground hip hop act like The Cool Kids so far. If J. Cole can be star, then who am I to complain when Sir Michael Rocks sells out?

Go ahead and call me a Wynton Marsalis apologist. Here's my review of Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra's concert Saturday at Helzberg Hall.

I'm on a George Russell jag.

I muse about the challenges inherent in watching other people listen to music.

I wish most media outlets understood that there's a big difference between Hank Williams and Bocephus.

Tony Ladesich made a nice video for punk-metal band Faster Than Hell.

I dig the EPK for Christian McBride's new big band album.

Kansas City Click: New Jazz Order perform at 1911 Main on Tuesday.

The Record Bar hosts Wild Flag on Wednesday.

I'm obsessed with Opeth's new album. The death metal/European folk band appears at the Beaumont Club on Thursday.

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Rick in PV said...

So, what is the diff between Hank Jr. and Bocephus?