Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gabba Gaga: We Accept You, One of Us

"Gabba Gabba, We Accept You, One of Us!"

"Everybody's doing it." That's my excuse for purchasing Lady Gaga's new album for ninety-nine cents at Amazon yesterday. Sometimes a hopeless outsider just wants to feel like a part of something bigger. Pop culture provides an immediate bond with all who choose to participate. I haven't watched a single episode of American Idol this season. I don't go to movies. I only know Charlie Sheen from films about baseball and war. Yet my investment in Born This Way makes me a participant in what may be music's single biggest sales event of the year.

All of the above is at least partially true. I actually wanted to test Amazon's servers. The download literally took three hours. And one song, "Judas," never arrived. (I have yet to receive a response to email to customer service.) (UPDATE : Amazon successfully resolved the issue on May 26.)

The music? Oh yeah, that... Well, I liked Madonna back in the day. And Lady Gaga is probably no better or worse. As far as state-of-the-art disposable pop goes, however, I prefer the Black Eyed Peas and Rhymes-With-Snake.

This week's other new releases, in order of personal preference: Art Brut, Smod, David Binney, MMG Presents: Self Made, Vol. 1, Sean Jones (album EPK), Joseph Arthur, Los Tigres Del Norte, Stephen Marley, Thurston Moore, Vieux Farka Toure, David Bazan, Ari Hoenig, Boris, Foster the People, Alex Sipiagin, Duff McKagan, Brad Paisley, Jadakiss, White Denim, Chip Taylor and Robin Guthrie.

I reviewed Vanilla Ice, Jonathan Butler and Warren Haynes over the weekend.

More acts have been added to Kanrocksas. Here's the revised list.

I'd never heard of MerQury, but his video for "Rhythm of the Night," shot in Kansas City, looks expensive. (Via Tony's Kansas City.)

Kansas City Click: Vedera play the Riot Room on Tuesday.

The Riot Room hosts The Givers on Wednesday.

Hermon Mehari oversees a tribute to Miles Davis at Crosstown Station on Thursday.

(Original image by There Stands the Glass.)

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