Monday, August 09, 2010

TKO! Jackson Browne Over Bob Dylan

As a longtime Bob Dylan apologist and lifelong Jackson Browne detractor, I'm deeply pained to acknowledge the truth- Jackson's Browne's performance Sunday at Starlight Theater was far superior to Bob Dylan's effort Saturday on the same stage.

While under Dylan's spell Saturday, I convinced myself that I was actually enjoying the burly blues settings that haphazardly framed Dylan's songs. It was fun not recognizing a rendition "Ballad of Hollis Brown" until the song was almost over. Right? (Here's same-show fan footage and here's a proper review.)

I'd rather listen to Dylan's Saved than Browne's Running on Empty. At least that's what I'd always thought. "Take It Easy"? No thanks. Several people have tried to help me overcome my aversion to Browne. A friend in Amarillo even made a mix tape for me years ago.

The tape didn't work. But Sunday's show did what the tape could not. I'm finally converted. Browne's sterling performance was undeniably excellent. The presence of David Lindley helped, as did the sweltering heat. It was too hot to move, so I immersed myself in songs like "Late for the Sky." Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I loved them. (Here's same-show fan footage and here's a proper review.)

I'm not completely cured. I've seen Dylan almost ten times and as long as his never ending tour continues, I'll still throw good money after bad to see him. But the next time I hear "Doctor My Eyes" I'll tear up rather than roll 'em.

Brooks & Dunn and Gary Allan drew about 15,000 people to the Sprint Center last Friday. Here's my review.

Wayward Blog reports that Kansas City rapper JP Tha Mex was killed over the weekend.

Salina's Analogue Productions is referenced in a New York Times article about jazz reissues on vinyl.

Kansas City Click: Primus and Gogol Bordello play the Uptown Theater on Tuesday.

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