Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Twelve Best Kansas City Music Videos of 2009

1. Mac Lethal- Speak Low
The gorgeous cinematography makes familiar Kansas City landmarks seem startlingly foreign. Oh, and the song is pretty great too.

2. Nuthatch 47- Russian Gangster's Grandma
The low production value is perfect for this hilarious ditty.

3 Miles Bonny- On Impulse
This is some funny stuff. Westport, Loose Park and Liberty Memorial are among the attractions featured in the excellent video.

4 Ron Ron- Hey Honey/Throbacc
105,000 views! Don't let anyone tell you that Ron Ron isn't already a star.

5 Stik Figa- Starched Dickies
The amateurish, homespun feel of this video is ideally suited for the song's earnest content. Stik Figa is keeping it real.

6. The Architects- Bastards At the Gate
The amusing video for Kansas City's rock stalwarts was shot in the West Bottoms.

7. Tech N9ne- Leave Me Alone
Tech N9ne at his best- conflicted, confused and persecuted. And Kansas City's skyline has been viewed over 279,000 times in under two months. Tech should be on the payroll of the Kansas City Convention & Visitors Association.

8. SSion- Bullsh*t
Kansas City has no use for Lady Gaga.

9. Krizz Kaliko- Misunderstood
The best song out of Kansas City in 2009 gets a deluxe video treatment.

10. Greg Enemy- Fly A** Glasses
Low budget? No problem.

11. Big Scoob- Salue
I regret to inform the world that this is my town's anthem.

12. Making Movies- Libertad
This otherwise unremarkable video makes my list for three reasons. It features the obligatory shots of Kansas City's skyline, the song is memorable and I'm in one of the crowd shots. No wonder it has less than 500 views.

Just missing the cut:
Mac Lethal- Heart of a Pig
Steddy P- No Matter How
The Belated- Intelligent Redesign
Tech N9ne- Red Nose
Vedera- Satisfy
Irv da Phenom featuring Big Scoob- How I Feel
Rondoe- I Do That There
Nuthatch 47- D.U.I. Song

XV- Fall Out of the Sky is ineligible because of the Wichita problem.


brucedene said...

Terrific compilation as always, Bill. Grateful for all the music I otherwise wouldn't know about without your sites.

And no, I'm not drunk.

Happy In Bag said...

Ha! Thanks, BD.