Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Review: Leonard Cohen at The Midland Theater

I didn't care for the ostentatious demeanor of the saxophonist. That concludes my negative criticism of last night's Leonard Cohen concert.

Prior to the show I'd told friends that I was only going so that I could "cross Cohen off my list" of artists I'd never seen perform. While his new Live In London album indicates that Cohen is still vital, I had my doubts. Cohen shattered my suspicions just a few minutes into his three-hour show.

Cohen was spectacular. His voice was so much stronger and more resonant than I had expected. And seeing his full band in person suddenly made the odd "European blues" setting of his albums seem more sophisticated than schmaltzy.

For a proper review and telling photos, check Tim Finn's analysis.

Kansas City Click: Danny Embrey plays solo guitar Tuesday at Jardine's.

A Halestorm hits the Uptown Theater on Wednesday when the band opens for Chevelle.

(Orginal image by There Stands the Glass.)

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