Thursday, November 12, 2009

Barclay Martin- Miracle

A new day.

You don't want to sit or stand next to me at a concert. I'm an emotional guy and music often brings tears to my eyes. These embarrassing incidents occurred several times in 2009.

I cried when Emanuel Ax played Chopin. Tony Bennett giving it his all made me mist up. I broke down as Shane MacGowan slurred his way through "The Old Man Drag." I wept watching Kris Kristofferson struggle to sing. Lots of people, myself included, were reduced to tears by Leonard Cohen's brilliance the other night. And I always get sentimental at the annual grave site salute to Charlie Parker.

The audience at Sunday's performance of music from the documentary film Zamboango: Poverty, War, Music was offered a particularly emotional experience. Most already knew the back story documented in the exceptional movie trailer embedded above. So when the choir entered at the 3:01 mark of "The Wheel," as documented in this footage of the concert, my tears weren't the only ones being shed.

I happen to completely agree with this review of the concert. Go figure. Tim Finn provides additional insights into how Barclay Martin, a Kansas City folk-based artist, became involved in the Zamboanga project.

Although Martin's songs are inspired by the struggles of the Filipino people, the emotions they convey are universal. The lovely and heart-wrenching "Miracle" is typical. I happily paid $15 for the soundtrack at the concert. Proceeds go toward the education of Filipino youth. Copies are available here.

I just noticed that The Elders, Kansas City's second most popular act, have a song on the intriguing soundtrack to Red Roses and Petrol.

Credentials Hip Hop interviews Sleep Close Death.

My deep affection for the Knowles sisters is further justified by Solange's new cover of the Dirty Projector's "Stillness Is the Move." Pitchfork has the download. (Found via Gorilla Vs. Bear's Twitter account.)

That's right, There Stands the Glass trainspotters. Barclay Martin is now the fourth artist who's been featured twice at this site.

Kansas City Click: Lionel Loueke makes his Kansas City debut Thursday at the Blue Room.

Steddy P and Stik Figa are on Friday's bill at the Record Bar.

Chuck Prophet returns to Davey's on Saturday.

P.O.S. opens for Saosin Sunday at the Beaumont.

(Image of Sunday's Zamboanga concert taken from the project's Flickr account.)

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