Thursday, June 04, 2009

Katie Webster- I Feel So Low

Thanks Koko. Thanks Katie.

I consider myself very fortunate to have seen Koko Taylor perform many times. There was nothing like standing a few feet away as she began her shows with a mighty roar. Her voice contained a profound mix of joy, rage, lust and pain. She truly was, as one of her album titles suggested, a force of nature. Taylor died yesterday.

Because Taylor was featured at There Stands the Glass in 2007, I'll turn my attention to the late Katie Webster. While her sound and sensibility was vastly different from Taylor's, both women were outstanding, occasionally bawdy, blues entertainers. Much of that rare spirit is captured in this live performance.

Less known than her later work, Webster's out-of-print '5os Louisiana recordings for J.D. "Jay" Miller are outstanding examples of bluesy swamp pop.

As I suggested to a grieving friend yesterday, we might take solace by treasuring the handful of original giants still among us. Here in Kansas City, 92-year-old Myra Taylor certainly qualifies. Here's a new profile of the jazz and blues performer.

Sam Butera died Wednesday. I intended to catch his show in Vegas. It's too late now.

Jason Harper interrogates wacky kids who showed up nine hours early for tonight's Third Eye Blind show at The Uptown Theater.

Kansas City Click: "International Harvester" is my favorite Craig Morgan song. I hope to sing along with Morgan tonight at the Power & Light District.

Ruben Ramos croons Friday at Guadalupe Center.

The legendary Sly & Robbie visit The Folly Theater on Saturday.

Reunited noisemakers Coalesce are among acts appearing Sunday at the American Waste festival at The Beaumont.

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bgo said...

You are correct about Katie's much overlooked sides that she cut for J.D. Miller back in the 50's & 60's. That's the stuff I have in my DNA now. That part of the world is my home away from home. The people, the culture, the food and by all means the best music on the planet (okay I push that one a little too far).