Thursday, June 11, 2009

Joe Williams- The Perfect Stranger

We never met.

I don't want to bury the man prematurely, but word in jazz circles is that saxophonist Jack Nimitz has passed away. He was one of the original members of California's cool school. While he was a legit jazz cat, he seemed to make a living as a session musician. In other words, Nimitz was "a perfect stranger." Check out the ridiculous list of credits on just the second of his three-page discography at AllMusic. It includes Neil Diamond, Stan Kenton, Ruth Brown, Natalie Cole, the Beach Boys, Michael Bolton and Nina Simone. And then there's this delectable slice of cheese. Nimitz may or may not have participated on this relatively obscure 1965 Joe Williams session. They're compiled on this sketchy out-of-print title. (Tip via BGO.)

The new album by Kansas City's mighty Architects is streaming at MySpace.

*My current obsession is Mobb Deep's "Eye For an Eye (Your Beef Is Mines)".

LaLa is changing my life.

*I'm positively ecstatic that Mojo magazine gave my Kansas City jazz site, Plastic Sax, a modest write-up in its June issue.

Kansas City Click: British R&B group The New Mastersounds appear at Crosstown Station tonight.

Robert Moore of Sonic Spectrum curates an anniversary party at The Record Bar Friday and Saturday.

KPRS' Summer Jam returns to Sandstone on Saturday.

*Kirk Whalum appears at a Juneteenth celebration Sunday.

3 comments: said...

That's amazing regarding Mojo. Congratulations! What'd they say? You should scan it and post it if there's no direct link. Thanks for the Architects tip, too. Brandon didn't bother to tell me.

jason said...

Wait, the whole Architects album? I only see two new songs...

Happy In Bag said...

Hey, J- The full text from Mojo is up at Wednesday's post at Plastic Sax.

Oh, I guess Brandon didn't give you the super-cool-but-don't-tell-Jason-about-it code to hear the whole thing. (Kidding- looks like I erred.)