Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Rock Chalk Chant

Rock Chalk Chant

That's right- I live in Kansas. I'm proud of my roots. If you don't follow American college basketball, you owe it to yourself to hear the game's best cheer. This version seems to be done by a rehearsed choir, so it lacks the raucous passion displayed by fans at sporting events. Still, you get the idea. Given the right game scenario, it can last for several minutes. You might also let Luther Vandross sing as you watch a tournament highlight reel.

I was too wound up to sleep well last night. This morning was rough until I heard this remarkable song for the first time on the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Noel Gourdin's old-school R&B song is a socially conscious update of "Midnight Train To Georgia." Is it too early to call "The River" the best song of 2008?

Kansas City Click: Bring the noise. Joey Belladonna of Anthrax is at the Riot Room tonight. It's a gamble- it could either be one of the best shows ever or a complete embarrassment.

(Original image by There Stands the Glass. How do you like my backyard?)

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Tynicka Battle said...

Greetings! I am working with EPIC on Noel's release (the song "River" you heard on the Steve Harvey show). Please let me know if you would be interested more info about Noel. In the meanwhile, you can find audio streams for River below. Hope to hear from you soon! tynicka@thinktankmktg.com
(WM, Streaming, 96k, Audio)

(QT, Streaming, 96k, Audio)