Thursday, April 03, 2008

Kissinger- Gold Rush


I spotted members of several Kansas City bands, including It's Over and Bacon Shoe, at last night's Spoon concert. As I indicate in my review, Spoon doesn't even try to conceal their many influences, so it's kind of paradoxical that other acts are interested in checking them out. Austin band Kissinger have also probably picked up a few tricks from Spoon. I picked up a repackaged version of Charm at Target when the retailer was experimenting with a .99 cent budget line. It wasn't quite the deal of a lifetime, but the 2001 recording contains several unpretentious pop gems like "Gold Rush."

While it will take a few days to for me to get my head around all aspects of Jay-Z's monumental deal with Live Nation, it's already clear that as much as any other post-download industry shift, it marks a definitive bellwether.

I'm late in learning that Static Major died February 25. He was 33, and had just added Lil Wayne's "Lollipop" to his impressive list of credits.

Kansas City Click: New York-based saxophonist Rob Scheps hits the Blue Room tonight.

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