Thursday, July 19, 2018

Concert Review: Courtney Barnett at the Truman

A friend proclaimed that Courtney Barnett is “the present and future of rock and roll” in his social media post from the Truman on Wednesday.  I’m not so sure.  After paying $33 to join him amid a full house of more than 1,000 fans at the Australian’s 90-minute performance, I believe that the 30-year-old is a gifted holdover from rock's past.  The gray-haired dudes wearing Tom Petty t-shirts were definitely in the right place.  Barnett’s old-school rock and the rinky-dink stage production made her appearance a spot-on throwback to 1978. While I enjoyed the defiantly archaic show and would be thrilled if Barnett had a commercial breakthrough, I sensed that I was witnessing the pinnacle of the career of an artist who is destined to be a marginal cult musician in the vein of Barnett’s countryman Paul Kelly.

(Original image by There Stands the Glass.)

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