Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Album Review: Brad Mehldau- After Bach

Brad Mehldau is the Keith Jarrett of his generation.  Much as Jarrett hoodwinked admirers into listening to extended freeform piano improvisations in the 1970s, Mehldau’s iconoclastic approach has transformed the perception of jazz piano in the new millennium.  I’m selectively sipping the Kool-Aid.  I loathed the project Mehldau and Chris Thile released last year.  Even though I suspect I’m being duped, the new album After Bach transfixes me.  Here’s “After Bach: Rondo”.

I extolled Joyce DiDonato in my weekly feature for KCUR.

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Craig Mack has died.

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Anonymous said...

The Metheny/Mehldau album is an overlooked (near) classic imo.