Monday, September 05, 2016

I’m a Man You Don’t Meet Every Day

As another Kansas City music blogger tweeted that “I would not wish Irish Fest upon my worst enemy,” I was rolling my eyes as a generic band at the festival attempted to make room for itself on the overcrowded Americana bandwagon.  There’s a lot of trash to rummage though at The Kansas City Irish Fest.  There are also plenty of treasures to be discovered.  Here’s a rundown of the three best things I encountered Sunday.

Cait O’Riordan
Cait O'Riordan”s “Growing Up in the Pogues” presentation was worth the $18 I paid to enter the festival.  Sober, upbeat and charming, O’Riordan was a quote machine:
On the Pogues' attitude: We wanted to be the loudest, toughest gang in town.

On her self-described role as the band's "mascot": I would start fights but I couldn't finish them.

About her lead vocals on ”I’m a Man You Don’t Meet Every Day”It's my contribution to music history (and) my passport around the world.

About the Pogues' pre-show rituals: It didn't occur to us not to get on stage drunk and sloppy.

On Shane MacGowan's teeth: He didn't floss.

On the cause of her separation from the band: I wasn't the only drunk in the band but I was the youngest and the messiest… Everyone got better and better (as musicians) except me.

On the trappings of success: Once we had money for cocaine, things got really messy.
Eddie Delahunt
Like thousands of other people in the Kansas City area, I’ve been smitten with Eddie Delahunt for years.  He made me laugh several times on Sunday.  And had I been drinking, I almost certainly would have teared up during a rendition of a tragic ballad.

James Cramer
A pandering Van Morrison cover by the dudes that preceded a solo set by James Cramer on a side stage almost drove me to drink.  (I swear that the woman working for a whiskey vendor 30 feet away from the stage was calling my name.)  The front man of Tupelo immediately won me over by insisting that he had no interest in “rehashing” the past.  Even though his Hozier-ish approach isn’t my thing, Cramer is an undeniable talent.

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Fred Hellerman of the Weavers has died.  (Tip via BGO)

My affection for Bes, the new album by the Egyptian trio Dwarfs of East Agouza, has been maddening members of my compound who aren’t down with trance-noise.  RIYL: Sun Ra, astral projection, Can.  (Tip via Big Steve.)

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez’s Arañas En La Sombra is the latest in a long line of interesting but ultimately disappointing Mars Volta-related projects. 

Gov’t Mule’s The Tel-Star Sessions is heavy.  RIYL: Robin Trower, tie-dye, Cream.

Sobriety suits Gucci Mane.  The cogent boasts on Everybody’s Looking are extremely entertaining.  Here’s ”Gucci Please”.

Eddie Levert’s new album is nuts.  Did I Make You Go Ooo is RIYL: The O’Jays, lascivious septuagenarians, Prince.  Here’s the title track.

The tribute album Quiero Creedence is a mixed bag.  A few of the covers are revelations.  Others are the worst sort of bar band dreck.  Participants include Juan Gabriel, Billy Gibbons and Los Lobos.

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