Friday, November 16, 2012

Kidney Stew

I was enjoying a live stream of a performance by Dayna Stephens last night when emcee Josh Jackson asked the saxophonist to discuss his dire medical condition.  Stephens needs a new kidney. 

I immediately thought of longtime There Stands the Glass favorite P.O.S.  After the musician posted a video titled P.O.S Health Situation and Tour Cancellation at YouTube on October 19, fans rallied around him.  Over $36,000 has been donated at a crowdfunding site named Stef Needs a New KidneyTime magazine wrote about the phenomenal support the underground hip hop artist has received from his fans.  I understand that a new kidney has been located. 

In an odd instance of synchronicity, Taylor Eigsti uploaded a video to YouTube titled Help Dayna Stephens Find a Kidney! on October 19, 2011, exactly one year prior to the P.O.S video.  While P.O.S' plea has been viewed over 41,000 times in less than a month, Eigsti's video has been seen under 5,000 times in the past year. 

The dramatically reduced role of jazz in popular culture isn't merely an artistic matter.  Lives are at stake.  Details are available at Help Dayna Stephens.

"Music is the weapon."  The trailer for The Awakening of an Icon, a documentary about Fela, is intriguing.

Marc Myers' extended sidebar about Lalo Schifrin is fantastic.

Flaco Jimenez is featured in an excellent edition of Tiny Desk Concert.

I wish I was a member of the cult of Lee Hazelwood, but I've never completely understood the appeal. 

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