Thursday, February 03, 2011

Review: The Go! Team- Rolling Blackouts

Video trailer for Rolling Blackouts

How is it that I fully embrace The Go! Team's shenanigans on its new album Rolling Blackouts but cringe every time I hear the phrase "up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy"?

Both The Go! Team and Ke$ha emphasize fun. The former's "Voice Yr Choice" references drinking Grey Goose while clubbing. Ke$ha claims that she brushes her teeth with whiskey on "TiK ToK." My hypocrisy has nothing to do with any sort of cool quotient. I quit playing that card years ago. The answer, obviously, is in the music.

The drill team audacity of "T.O.R.N.A.D.O." is in keeping with the rolling thunder go-go vibe often co-opted by a few of my favorite Midwestern hip hop acts. "Buy Nothing Day", featuring a cameo by Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino, is pop perfection. The DayGlo blissfulness of "Secretary Song" is right behind it. "Yosemite Theme," one of several instrumental interludes on Rolling Blackouts, is positively Mantovanian. "Lazy Poltergestist" sounds like Jon Brion and Brad Mehldau on the worst day of their lives.

Hey, The Go! Team: I don't know what I ever saw in Ke$ha, anyway. I'm "Ready To Go Steady".

I love the video trailers for Doomtree's albums. Here's the the pitch for the forthcoming Sims project. It comes with a box cutter!

I reviewed A Vibe Called Fresh at Plastic Sax. Here's video footage from the event.

I've been negligent in not linking to my unpopular review of a recent rock show headlined by Buckcherry.

Kansas City Click: Bobby Watson's Horizon performs Friday at the Gem Theater.

Junior Mance returns to the Blue Room on Saturday.

The People's Liberation Big Band plays at the Record Bar on Sunday.

Mountain Man open for the Decemberists at the Uptown on Monday.

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bigsteveno said...

Man, just this morning I was grabbing my monthly batch of downloads from emusic, and I passed on the Go! Team. Could you post sooner in the future? maybe next month....