Thursday, June 10, 2010

Review: George Clinton at Crossroads

Appropriately low quality video snippet from concert.

Cosmic slop indeed.

Thursday's George Clinton concert was horrific. It wasn't Lubriphonic's fault. When the front man for the opening act wasn't taking tedious guitar solos, the Chicago funk band was really good.

Clinton's sprawling band of about 18 musicians seemed intent on killing as much time as possible before their boss hit the stage. A song delivered by Belita Woods lasted at least fifteen minutes. I'd had enough by the time Clinton finally made an anti-climatic appearance. So when I spotted Woods grab a microphone for the second time I ran for the exit.

Then again, everyone else seemed to be knee-deep in hardcore jollies. Maybe this whole sobriety thing is a big waste of my time.

People have asked why my review of 50 Cent's concert is so harsh. A creative and intelligent artist like 50 Cent, I believe, should demonstrate a bit of imagination.

I reviewed John Hammond's appearance at the Gladstone Summertime Bluesfest.

I like my friend Scott Severin's "Farshtaist" video.

Midwestern fans of serious music should know about the Mizzou New Music Summer Festival. (Tip via Dean Minderman.)

Kansas City Click: I intend to catch Bobby Watson's set at the Jazz In the Woods festival on Saturday if the rain lets up.

Joe Ely returns to Knuckleheads on Sunday.

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bgo said...

The mothership is showing its cracks and the pilot is on automatic. It seems to randomly touch down the same places over and over again preaching the same sermon without fail.