Thursday, May 13, 2010

Review: Tender Forever's No Snare

Tender Forever- "Only the Sounds You Made" (YouTube stream)

No Snare, the forthcoming album by Tender Forever, resembles a misguided collection of Joy Division covers intended for children. In other words, it's wonderful. Naive pop darkened by ominous shadows, the June 8 release is perfectly suited for the K Records aesthetic. It's French native Melanie Valera's third effort for the label. Her broken lo-fi bedroom pop is both intimate and anthemic. An eight-component song stem of "Only the Sounds You Made" and details about a remix contest are available here.

Performance art ensemble Quixotic have gone pop. "To Live Free" is available as a free download until May 16.

I adore the new video for Emma Pollack's "Red Orange Green."

Ten days after the fact, I learned that Canadian jazz artist Rob McConnell died May 1.

I don't understand why all the cool kids aren't losing their minds over supergroup Gayngs. It's an amazing project.

Hipsters definitely have no use for the Deftones. Here's my favorite song from the impressive new album Diamond Eyes.

Marc Myers' study of the savvy widows of jazz legends is fascinating.

Kansas City Click: As I Lay Dying headline Thursday's headbanging show at the Beaumont.

Steven Jarvi conducts the Kansas City Symphony in a performance of Mozart, Mahler, Strauss and Schubert on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

A new installment of Mark Lowrey vs Hip Hop takes place Saturday at the Record Bar. It will look and sound like this.

I won't pay your cover charge, but There Stands the Glass readers are welcome to attend my birthday party Sunday at Knuckleheads. Carrie Rodriguez, Jim Lauderdale and Tim Easton are providing the entertainment.

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CD said...

Don't you think "Only the Sounds You Made" would have been better if done by a traditional pop rock band set up? Songs like that always make me wonder. I guess it is my old school rock bias but I am always feeling like there should be a guitar somewhere, or a real drum kit driving this thing to really make it go. I mean, I get it. Its not who they are and I do appreciate them trying to go for a different sound but it sounds like it could be a better song if not draped in all the electronica. Anyway, I am glad you shared it.

Happy In Bag said...

I know what you mean, Chris, but in this case I think the artist is being true to herself. I get the impression that she's achieved precisely sound she wanted. It's a credit to her talent as a songwriter that you long to hear her work in a different context.