Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Steve Gorn and Badal Roy- Rag Bhairavi

No more peace.

I need to calm down. My manic nature leaves me breathless. Instead of studying Ornette Coleman, turning up Tool and compulsively downloading Lil Wayne mixtapes, perhaps I should decompress to recordings like this. Yantra is smart but soothing, transcendent but not lightweight. Both Steve Gorn and Badal Roy have jazz backgrounds. Roy's crazy list of credits includes work with Miles Davis on Big Fun and On the Corner. This is an enlightening but frustratingly brief clip of Badal explaining his craft. John Coltrane and Charles Lloyd were Gorn's gateway to India. Although Yantra is a respectfully traditional classical Indian recording, the careful listener will hear jazz flourishes in its improvisational shadings.

New York Fashion at Ward Parkway Shopping Center offers a weirdly compelling mixtape starring "Mr. So Heavy," a.k.a. XTA-C. It's equal parts music and advertising. "If it looks good on the rack, it'll look even better on you!"

My lastest "jazz is dead" freakout is here.

Kansas City Click: Say Anything play a free show at the Power & Light complex tonight.

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Amy here at Original Signal. I was hoping to send you some info on an artist of ours who is coming into town on July 1.