Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Masters of Reality- John Brown

You're Too Late!

I could never get into Cream. They seemed too deliberate and pretentious. Their recent ecstatically received reunion tour baffled me. So why do I love Masters of Reality, who are really nothing more than an excellent Cream tribute band? For starters, they're hilarious. And their heavy crunch is pushed to 11 by Rick Rubin's production on this 1988 release. Careful- it's dangerous to laugh and bang your head simultaneously.


billy budapest said...

You are so spot on about this! Cream was god-awful in the most god-awful way imaginable. Utter bloviation! Worst drummer ever, by the way. Whatta wank! On the other hand, Masters of Reality rock with an homage that is almost touching.

Happy In Bag said...

Eric- Don't you have better things to do?